We are Japan Woodwind, one of Japan’s biggest woodwind maintenance and sale companies. Our main business is to carry out servicing and repairs by outsource, from many of the main Japanese manufacturers of woodwind instruments, specializing in flutes. This give us access to original factory made repair parts, essential for correct and precise work on flutes.All of our staff are graduates of 楽器修理専門学校 (woodwind repair and maintenance college), in Nagoya, Japan. Also, most of our staff have spent time working for, or on secondment to one of the main manufacturers here in Japan. We also do some international sales for Japan high street instrument retailers, that have no English speaking staff, or are unable to sell their shop demonstration models.
This situation arises because they have contracts with the manufacturers that state that they are forbidden to reduce the price of instruments from the RRP, here in Japan. Some of these are sold directly from here in Japan, by us, on this website, and European customers can visit our European agent, Premier Flutes in the UK (www.premierflutes.co.uk). Please e-mail us with any questions, at sales@japanwoodwind.com. 
As we are expanding to international sales, we are also building up a stock of spare parts and keys for technicians. So please bookmark us and come back regularly.We will be carrying all Yamaha student flute replacement keys (211,311,411 etc.), as well as selected parts for Altus, Sankyo flutes etc.Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for a particular part.sales@japanwoodwind.comand European customers, please see our European agent’s website,www.premierflutes.co.uk
(London & Lancashire, UK) Thank you,
Toshi (Master), Japan Woodwind